Lea Michele Alphabet: Awards


it sucks when you have a bad teacher for a subject you’re genuinely interested in

Reblog if you are proud of your URL

Darren Criss and Lea Michele in the crowd between takes x


I hope glee does one last competition and are really scared because the opposing team’s lead singer is supposed to be the best in the entire country and slowly the curtain goes up and there he is


From where you began to where you are now…you’re amazing.

My best friend and s o u l m a t e, which is what you are to me.

"I’m not going to stop living my life and not go out and do things. You can find the photographers annoying and there are days when I really don’t feel in the mood to have my picture taken – so I’ll stay home. But if I want to go on a hike or go to a sports game I’m going to do it."

"Being yourself is the key to happiness. I’ve always stuck to who I am, and done what I believe in, and it’s always put a smile on my face."